Angel of Acceptance for August 2017

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自己受容は、私たちが何者であって何者でないかを愛情を持って抱擁する、私たちの内面にあるギフトです。 それは、私たちが人生の多くのパラドックスを含めることができるように、私たちの認識を広げます。



それは大きな全体像に生命を吹き込み、より高い現実を歓迎し、私たちの人間性と私たちのより偉大な存在の本質を具現化するよう誘い続けます - そうするうちに対立がなくなり、私たちは1つの存在になります。




P.S. あなたが7月にAbundanceのAngelとワークしたならば、AcceptanceのAngelを今月のあなたの人生に迎え入れる前に、少し時間を取って、感謝しながらそれをリリースしてください。

Angel of August is Acceptance

~Inspirational Message~

Inspirational Message   

Let the mist of unworthiness evaporate. Move forward and embrace life as it presents itself to you.
Practice the art of inclusion and allowing.  

Self-acceptance is a gift of internal belonging that embraces who we are and who we are not. It widens our perception so that we can include the many paradoxes of life.  

Acceptance reduces the conflict levels inside and around us and invokes change. It releases us from the struggle against reality and then new possibilities can open up to us that did not exist before.  

Acceptance frees up our energy. It is a benediction, a blessing, a gentle rain that melts judgments, fears and doubts, and allows us to surrender to the truth of the moment without preferences.  

It animates the big picture, welcomes a higher reality, and extends an invitation to embody our Human nature and our greater Being nature - in doing so, conflict ceases and we become one presence.  

This month, look for experiences that you are rejecting or pushing against. If acceptance does not seem possible, practice relaxing your protective response that splits perceptions into division of right/wrong, good/bad, guilt/innocence. And let the mind unlock from its fixations.  

May the Angel of Acceptance wrap its wings around you and hug you tightly filling you with acceptance then offer it freely to all you meet.

Warmly, Kathy


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