Angel of Clarity for October 2018

The Transformation Game(R)の開発元InnerLinks社は、毎月、その月のエンジェルをお招きしています。
このページはBlue LotusがInnerLinks社に日本語翻訳及び掲載の許可を得てご紹介しています。 日本語文の転載をご希望される方は、Blue Lotusまでご連絡ください。 また転載にあたっては、必ずBlue Lotusが翻訳の許可を得てご紹介している事を明記し、Blue Lotus のホームページをリンクしてください。




では、明晰になるために何をすればよいでしょうか? 自分自身の内側へとダイナミックな探求をします。 すなわち、こう尋ねるのです。 私の存在の源は何か? なぜ私はこのやり方で行動しているのか? 私は何を癒す必要があるか? 自問自答を通して自分自身の内在を招き入れ、その豊かさや謎をあらわにし、その可能性を明らかにします。







Clear your perceptions free of confusion.
Focus on intent and straightforward expression. See the world as it is without your projections, judgments and assumptions.
Clarity is a process not a singular event and once reached tends to mark progress not arrival. The love of truth clears the attachments that result in mis-conceptions and false conclusions and makes it possible to align with our essential presence. As we learn to attune ourselves to our true nature, it informs our consciousness of the right attitudes, directions, and actions - free of assumptions and judgments.

So what do we do to encourage clarity to emerge? We engage in dynamic exploration into ourselves; asking, what is the source of my being? Why am I acting this way or that way? What do I need to heal? Through self-inquiry, we invite our inner being to disclose its richness and mysteries and reveal its possibilities.

The world as we perceive it is made up of our thoughts, images, emotions, and impressions. They are important only as points of orientation, not as conclusive evidence of reality. We need to be willing to allow our dreams, our current self-images, our very identities to completely change in kind and quality.

Clear the confusion and preconception that covers your deepest and most cherished inner sensations and be completely yourself.

May the Angel of Clarity animate your inner being and bring new and fresh ways of viewing yourself and the world throughout the coming month.

Kathy Tyler

P.S. If you worked with the Angel of Play during September, take a few moments to release it with your gratitude then welcome the Angel of Clarity into your life for the month of October.


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